Unbeliever - Retri/Holy Paladin

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Unbeliever - Retri/Holy Paladin

Post  Unbeliever on Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:32 pm

.Your status on attunements: (Heroic factions, Karazhan, Black Temple)

2. Character name and class: Unbeliever - 70 Paladin

3. Professions, specializations: 375 Blacksmith, Can craft all Buy-Plans Plate Resistance gear outside BT

4. Talent Build: 10/0/51 (retri) or 43/18/0 (holy)

5. Previous Guild(s), previous server, what happened with your old guild, why do/did you want migrate to Ahn'qiraj:
Perfect Dominance - I just didn't like some of the people in it. I migrated to AQ to play with Odif and Entz.. So i thought i could join their guild and play with them.

6. Raiding experience (i.e AQ cleared. karazhan cleared)
Cleared Kara, 5 bosses in ZA, Killed up to Leo in SSC, Void Reaver, Outlands-Kazzak etc..

7. What is your /played?
Split apart on different characters about 3 years.

8. IRL name:

9. Location:
Stockholm, Sweden.

10. Age:

11. Item stats, either a) Or b) tell your stats. Hp, +healing, +m/5, +spell dmg, ap, critrates, depending on what's important for your class:
1890-1995 healing, 22%crit unbuffed (depending on my trinket)
in retrigear i got 30% crit, 1334 ap and 182 spelldmg (imo quite good for a 2.3 retridin)

12. What times can you raid?
After 18.00 on weekdays.
On weekends whenever really.

13. Are there any activities, sports, hobbies etc. that mean you will miss raids regularly? If so what days and/or times?:

14. What raidactivity percentage do you think you will be at?
depends on how many raids you guys got Smile

15. We use Team speak to communicate during and outside of raids, are you able to speak and communicate properly?
I got a mic, and i'm good with english.

16. Describe yourself and why you want to join us, what kind of player you are:
I'm a casual raider. I've been hardcore - And that lost its charm. But now its more important to raid with friends if i'm going to. Thats why I want to join You. I've also been healing raids for a long time so it would be nice to be able to raids as retri if thats possible for some new flavour to this game. You seemed like a friendly guild. And i think that i could help you progress aswell as have fun within the guild.

17.Link to armoury (use link button):
http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ahn%27Qiraj&n=Unbeliever (healinggear)
For retrigear talk to me ingame. (But i can tell you i got Deep Thunder and some more candy)

18. Additional skills/abilities/capabilities that would help guild management? (hosting, macros, .php, you name it)

19. Something else you wanna ask/add?
If there is something more you can always talk to odif and entz. They know me personally.

Over and out.

/ Robin


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Re: Unbeliever - Retri/Holy Paladin

Post  Analith on Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:54 am

I say accept! Now seeing as I'm not officer all I can say is good luck ;>

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