Pheraxion lvl 70 rogue

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Pheraxion lvl 70 rogue

Post  Pheraxio on Thu Nov 29, 2007 11:19 pm

1.Your status on attunements
I have all heroic keys and I am Karazhan attuned

2. Character name and class:
Pheraxion, male BE rogue

3. Professions, specializations:
Enchanting and Mining (both low lvl, was to busy lvling to focus on proffs)

4. Talent Build:
Depends on what im doing, either pvp or pve

5. Previous Guild(s), previous server, what happened with your old guild, why do/did you want migrate to Ahn'qiraj:
Dont have been in any raiding guilds on this server. On my main Goenoeng a lvl 70 mage I have been raiding all the times though.

6. Raiding experience
I have done almost every boss in karazhan. Have done ZG, MC and Onyxia in the past

7. What is your /played?
18d, 18 hours

8. IRL name:

9. Location:

10. Age:
17 years old

12. What times can you raid?
every day of the week between 12:00 and 1:00 game time

13. Are there any activities, sports, hobbies etc. that mean you will miss raids regularly? If so what days and/or times?:
Ice skating

14. What raidactivity percentage do you think you will be at?
Im available whenever i want/im needed

15. We use Team speak to communicate during and outside of raids, are you able to speak and communicate properly?
Yes, I have a Headset.

16. Describe yourself and why you want to join us, what kind of player you are:
Raiding is really enjoyable and gives very good items, i want to get beter geared so i can get easy lvl 80 when the new expansion comes

17.Link to armory


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Pheraxions apply

Post  Hazzard on Fri Nov 30, 2007 1:07 am

He went Kara with us tonight as pug and he helped a lot, he did pretty good dps and knew the tacts on bosses and explained them well.
<3 u got my vote m8 ;b Very Happy


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