Karazhan attunement guide!

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Karazhan attunement guide!

Post  Whiteout on Tue Nov 06, 2007 12:15 pm

1. Travel to Karazhan in Deadwind Pass. (Go to the swamp of sorrow fly path and travel west.) You will receive 2 quests here.
Arcane Disturbances (solo)
Restless Activity (solo)
(Amanna - these two quests are solo-able, especially for druids. In collecting the water samples, I prowled through most of where I needed to go. Just be careful in both cellars - the mobs seems to have a very large aggro range).

2. Complete those two quests in the direct area (both are kill mob quests) and go to Tarren mill (fly path), and run to the Dalaran ruins.
Contact from Dalaran (solo)
Speak to the guy you need to (heís on the north side of the bubble), and you will be sent to Shattrath.

3. Go and speak to Khadgar (quest Khadgar) in the center of Shattrath and he will send you to get the first key fragment from Shadow Labyrinth.

Entry Into Karazhan (Dungeon) (group)
4. The first fragment is located after Murmur (the last boss) to the left. A guard will spawn when the container is opened, and the key fragment is found on his corpse. (You do not have to kill Murmur to loot the container. As you face Murmur, go around him (it?) to the left and the container is on a ledge. The guard that spawns is easily killed).

The Second and Third Fragments (group)
5. Go back to Khadgar in Shattrath and he will give you a quest to get the 2nd and 3rd key shards. The 2nd key shard will require you to travel to The Steamvault in Coilfang Reservoir and is located in the deep pool of water near the first boss. You will find it in the corner at the bottom of the pool. Just get a group and do Steamvault, getting the kara keypiece is no problem then (the second keypiece). (group)

(the third keypiece (group)).
6. Same as the second key, the third one requires a group to kill the guard. Just get a group and do Arcatraz, the container is in the upstairs room, to the right

The Master's Touch (group)
7. Now you have the 2nd and 3rd key fragments, return to Shattrath, hand them in and you will be sent to The Black Morass in the Caverns of Time (goto Gadgetzan flypath, and walk south east) and you will need speak to Medivh to activate your key. To gain access to Black Morass, you first you have to complete the Old Hillsbrad instance in Caverns of Time.
Once at the entrance talk with the dragon and accept flying in. Once inside talk to the guide and take the tour (quest). (the tour will take you round the center thingie and it will stop where you started.) After this get the follow up quest from the guide and go do Old Hillsbrad and save Thrall. (this isnít a very hard instance; itís rated at lvl 66-68. A decent group can complete it in an hour and there are some decent drops to be had.)

8. Turn in the quest and you can now run the Black Morass event. This event will require you to kill elites that spawn from portals while protecting Medivh while he opens the Dark Portal. From every 6th portal a boss will spawn. After the 18th portal the Dark Portal will open and the task is complete. You can now speak to Medivh and claim your Master Key to Karazhan (Return to Khadgar (solo)). At this point return to Khadgar in Shattrath.

9. Once you have returned to Khadgar you will be sent back to Karazhan where your Karazhan quests will begin!

Congratulations you have obtained the key to Karazhan!!

Have fun! Whiteout


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